Ford F150 17" Silver Painted Wheels, 265/70R17 Goodyear, Set of 4, Part# F1503995BLEM

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Ford F150 17" OEM Wheels & Tires.  High Mileage set.
Wheels are 17X7.5, 6x135, 44mm offset silver painted finish.  All 4 wheels are in good condition.  No large scratches, dents, or cracks.

Tires are 265/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude H/T , Two tires have 6/32, and two have 8/32 tread remaining.  Tires come with 12/32 new.

Set includes 4 wheels, tires, center caps, and tire pressure sensors*.

*Included TPMS are only compatible with 2015-2020 year models.